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This little corner of the Internet is dedicated to Special Service and Police Package vehicles around the USA. Please feel free to browse around and mail me if you have any questions. As always, your input is solicited and very much appreciated. Please drop me an EMAIL if you wish to see anything specific added or just have comments. Thanks for the interest and enjoy the site!


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  • 9/21/2014 - I just updated the LA County tone page today with information on a new, neat tone encoder program for smartphones which lets you generate QC1 tones on the fly. No more Model 25 or tube type encoder needed! The app writer is my new hero!

  • 9/2/2014 - I added two sound files to the Navy Sounds page today, a Leslie A-200 marine horn as used on USN submarines and the sound from my WW2 vintage Benjamin Electric H-9 klaxon (Diving Alarm) horn that's stored in my garage. Check out the sounds when you have time. Also, I apologize again for the lengthy time between site updates, I've been somewhat distracted lately on the home front. Too many things going on at once it seems. I've slightly modified the main menu selections to provide direction to the Revcon Forums site. I've also updated the links and content on the CVPI fire safety page, and did a quick update generally on the other links pages. Over the years old sites have gone off-line and some of the content is now gone as a result. Except as found through the Wayback machine, of course! And welcome to the new links I added today!

  • 9/11/2013 - I fixed a error this morning on the LA County tones page. For some reason (probably me being tired) I mis-typed the file name for all the "Camp" series tones, so they were not showing up when asking for them to download. This is now fixed and all tones work. File serving restrictions are still in effect, you can download the sounds but you can't play them directly from my site.

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