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PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2022 4:26 am 

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I found this information on Facebook and thought I'd share it with the group. This post is over a year old, but VERY interesting to say the least....


Here is an update regarding this post about the Revcon revival which you were very welcome and warm to the idea of bringing history back to the real world where it belonged 30 years ago.
This was purely a test of the market and how the public would perceive it especially those Revcon purist which I’m sure exist and either they love it or they don’t know about it yet.
Well, the response from all of you from FB Groups to all the other social media platforms out there, your response was overwhelming with nothing but the best of hope and wishes and can’t wait, ready to order today. This was the type of feedback we received and it was the ONLY feedback we received.
This blows my mind because it is 2020 and anything that creates a little buzz and stirs things up, there are always those few that have nothing better to do than rip apart someone for whatever they can do it with and it’s unfortunate but there are just haters out there who have nothing better to do. We received absolutely ZERO negative comments at all out of hundreds of comments. It was absolutely amazing and just boast the job my grandparents did back in 1989 with original Revcon TrailBlazer put into production in 1993. My grandparents would be proud but hopefully can look down and see the legacy they left that we will continue to to build off of their original vision only we’re going to do it 30 years later where it belongs.
At this stage, the next stage is to try to secure some investment backing so that this can be done to the level it deserves. What makes it already easier and a huge benefit is the fact that as their grandson, I’ve stayed in the industry somewhat and I own a company that builds trailers for movie studios that get used on set while filming. These are NOT your typical RV grade trailers. These are built to have their doors slammed 24/7 by angry actors and just getting used and abused but built to take a beating like a champion. We will be taking what we know from years of experience of building quality trailers and coaches and applying it to a true earth roaming beast of an RV that is built off of what we know. We are always trying to innovative and hunting for new technologies that can continue to put us on the cutting edge of RV construction. We compare our builds more quality a commercial rail car, ocean vessels and the aeronautical industry. You cannot compare a Lear Jet with a Winnebago, it doesn’t work. You can compare a Take 5 Trailer to a Lear Jet because they’re built the same and that is how your Revcon will be built as well.
We’re excited! Please send us any thoughts or knowledge that can help us be the best we can be. Thank you and for questions, information about possible business investment, custom one off build or anything else, I can be reached at (435) 669-3382.
Thank you,
Bryn Patton

One of the coolest (and biggest) things to come out of the 2020 SEMA show was easily in my opinion the new EarthRoamer XV-HD, a gigantic, go-anywhere expedition camper built on a heavy-duty Ford F-750 4x4 platform. Without a doubt it looks to be one of the most capable and luxurious RVs currently available for off-road expedition camping , and for $1.7 million, it better be. But what if you've got dreams of someday owning your own off-road RV like the Earth Roamer but with a price tag like that, it’s just either too far out of reach financially or you may feel that it’s just entirely too expensive and just not the RV it should be for that kind of money.

Take 5 Trailers along with our other RV related businesses exist and are here today because of my lifelong involvement in the RV industry. My parents owned 3 RV dealerships in the Southern California area when I was growing up amongst several other industry related businesses. Before turning 18, I had learned the RV industry inside and out basically by working hands on in every single department that makes up a successful RV dealership. From scrubbing toilets and washing RVs to Managing and successfully operating our huge Parts & Service department. If there is one thing we or I know is what makes a quality RV and how to do it for less than the other guys.

My grandparents originally found Off-Road Motorcoach Inc. of Irvine, CA which bought out the Revcon name in 1989. Revcon was a company started in 1971 by Ray Novelli who first released the SUPER iconic looking GMC motorhome that I’m sure we all remember and if you don’t remember it, hopefully the photos will help to.

In 1971, the first Revcon had arrived. With its futuristic looks and construction technology, it was way ahead of its time but the Revcon functioned surprisingly well. In comparison to other RVs available at the time, Revcon and GMC were light years ahead of their competition. By 1989 the original Revcon had reached the end of it’s existence and needed another game changer to keep the brand alive. My grandparents had the solution but it too was light years ahead of itself. They had a vision to convert heavy-duty Ford F-350 4X4 pickup chassis into 30-foot, Class B motorhomes with actual off-road capabilities.
FINALLY, the release of the newly designed Revcon TrailBlazer came in 1991 and finally ,the first RV of this type built in the USA was now available to the world. The Revcon had just one problem but it was a HUGE problem. Little did my grandparents or anyone else know, their newly designed TrailBlazer was a great solution to a problem that didn’t quite exist here in the US until recently. My grandparents had a great idea but it was just too soon. It amazes me that it took roughly 30 years for the creation of an Off-Road RV to actually carve its own little space in the RV world that exist today.

Let Take 5 Trailers put you in your very own custom designed and built 2021 Revcon Trailblazer 2.0 in your driveway and not just your dream.
As the ONLY grandson, It would be a huge honor to help put my families Revcon name back on the off-road trails with a one of one NEW 2021 Revcon TrailBlazer 2.0 custom designed and built with you and for you.

Are you interested in having your very own one off 2021 Revcon? I sure am! Looking to do a definite Class C 4x4 with something like a Ford F550 preferred Crew Cab or a Super C 4x4 with an F650-F750 or similar size chassis and again, preferably a Crew Cab. Can also do a Drop Down gate like a 4x4 Toterhome if that interest you.

I PROMISE you that you will have a one off RV that you help layout and we put it together using the same technology and construction we use on the RVs and Trailers we build for the movie studio industry and we can do it for a fraction of the cost of a new Earth Roamer.

Give me a call or message me if interested. Take 5 Trailers doesn’t do any marketing or social media content just because of the industry we primarily serve. Hollywood and the Stars who work there do not like or want pictures of them and their trailers or RVs used while filming splattered all over the internet which we thoroughly respect.

Take 5 Trailers understands what it takes to build an RV or Trailer that has to hold up to the 24/7 use and abuse from our favorite actors and celebrities. Studio Trailers are built on a whole different level. A typical RV wouldn’t survive the life of a set RV or come anywhere even close to performing the same.

Let’s hear your thoughts and your orders! What would you want for your Off-Road Revcon 2.0.

Well now....


System Manager and your tourguide for the day. 1989 Revcon 31' MB #2752. Coach renovated between 2006-2009. 454 with .030 overbore, Doug Thorley headers, Federal Model 58 Traffic Blaster, Voyager backing camera system, more mods shortly forthcoming.

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