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1972 Revcon 250
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Author:  Jacob.arredondo21 [ Mon May 08, 2017 3:44 pm ]
Post subject:  1972 Revcon 250

I recently purchased a 1972 Revcon 250 and have quickly realized how tough it's going to be to do a complete remodel of this rare beast. Currently I'm searching for new tires... the stock Revcon came with (5) 10-16.5 tires - including spare. For some odd reason the one I bought has two 9.5-16.5 and two 12.5-16.5 on the rear. I'm able to mount some 9.5-16.5 transforce's on three wheels, but the two rear wheels are wider and no tire is made to fit a 12.5-6.5 wheel.
Any recommendations on the two rear wheels? Or does anyone know where I can possibly find two wheels that came with the stock 72 Revcon 250? (And some spare lug nuts, considering the rarity of those as well.)
Everyone and everything points me to Marty, but unfortunately I just read the sad news. Any advice is good advice... my last resort is to get (5) 16s made, so I can have a wider variety of tire selection.

Thanks in advance! Have a great week. .

- Jacob

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