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Question for flying fortress Dave
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Author:  Kdredman [ Mon Jul 03, 2017 7:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Question for flying fortress Dave

Since im new to all of this I had a couple of questions, not to sound dumb but I've never dealt with some of this before. On a king 33 how do you switch from shore power to batteries? I have some lights and whatnot that don't work on shore power but have nothing at all on batteries. Also I can't get the generator to crank over, it will run the fuel pump when I put the fuse in but nothing else. I have power to both Neg and pos at the coil. Was wondering if you have run into this problem. Also where is the power converter located? Any help would be greatly welcome! Thanks

Author:  Daveinet [ Tue Jul 04, 2017 2:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Question for flying fortress Dave

Hmm, Something seems not quite right in the wiring. Virtually everything in the motorhome except for the AC units, the microwave, and the AC heater in the fridge runs on 12 volts and should run off the battery. There isn't really any switch from shore power to battery power. All 12 volt systems are connected to the battery. When you plug in shore power, the shore power powers a "battery charger" that charges the battery. This battery charger is often reffered to as the converter, as it converts Ac line voltage to 12 volts DC. But it is connected directly to the battery, not directly to any of the interior systems. OK, yes technically it is connected to the interior systems by virtue of the battery being connected to those systems, but the wires go straight to the battery - then the wires from the battery supply ALL of the 12 volts throughout the coach.

Now I do need to mention that for some strange reason, Revcon did wire the exterior awning lights and the interior courtesy lights to the engine battery. This is done at the switch panel next to the entry door. If I had to take a wild guess, I wonder if someone added a connection from your converter to the engine battery. If your engine battery is dead, then those exterior lights would only work if that charging circuit also charged the engine battery. I rewired the switch panel next to the door on my coach so the awning lights and the courtesy lights also run on the coach battery. This makes much more sense, as you would only use those lights when parked.

As far as your generator, the first thing is to make sure you have a good ground. There is a big red 12 wire to the starter solenoid, but the ground goes through the chassis. Since the generator is on rollers, the ground is very poor, unless it is bolted in place. Also the chassis is rubber mounted, so there is a ground wire from the pan to the motor - make sure that wire is not broken.
The connectors on the side of the control box are pretty sketchy and tend to corrode. You may need to clean those connectors. Also there are two relays inside the control box. Those relays could fail, or have broken wires leading to them. The old copper wire gets stiff with vibration over the years and eventually becomes brittle and breaks.

Author:  Kdredman [ Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Question for flying fortress Dave

Thank You Dave! As always You have been a big help. It's just frustrating when I unplug the coach I get NO POWER to anything. Could this be a bad converter?

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