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454 high output from Chevrolet
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Author:  Amwajtommy [ Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:56 am ]
Post subject:  454 high output from Chevrolet

anybody out there dropped one of these babies in their Revcon? thoughts on effects on drivetrain wear n tear? ... ock-454-ho

Author:  Daveinet [ Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 454 high output from Chevrolet

I just sold my '83 with a 502 with Edelbrock multi-port fuel injection. I figured the HP was somewhere between 420 and 440 HP. I learned a lot from the install, and would do a few things differently if I had to do it over. The biggest difference is I would probably put Edelbrock fast burn heads on it, or just go with the RamJet version. The reason is the fast burn heads make a significant impact on mileage. When I fist started the project, the thinking was that I needed the HT version for low end torque. That is simply not true with fuel injection. Fuel injection will make up for any loss of low end by better burn quality. Normally big intake runners are thought to not work well at low RPMs, but because the intake is dry, the traditional problems with a big intake are nullified.

Powerwise, you will need to have the differential built by Jantz Engineering. Otherwise it WILL break. I broke mine twice before I found the solution. The Jantz built diff will hold up to everything you can do to it. Beyond that, it should work just fine. This install is not bad, and requires only minor modifications that can be easily done by any average backyard mechanic.

I also installed a 4L85e. The primary reason was to get a lock up torque converter. The stock TC does not stop slipping till about 2500 RPM, which means if you want to travel at < 65 mph, you will not gain any fuel mileage because of TC slip.

Power is nothing short of amazing. It will pull a 4600 lbs Grand Cherokee up a 6% grade at 80 mph. You can beat out about 1/3rd of the traffic off a stop light. The limiting factor is traction. I had several tire kickers take a ride in it when it was forsale, and everyone one of them were blown away by the power.

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