1994-1996 Chevrolet B-Body TSB's

TSB 23-32-08A Noise from steering system

TSB 377142A Transmission Oil Filter Assembly

TSB 431006 Door seal problems

TSB 43-16-06 Leather seat cleaning procedure

TSB 43-66-03 Exhaust system moan/booming noise

TSB 43-82-06A Windshield wiper chatter

TSB 47-66-03 Exhaust manifold bolt usage

TSB 53-34-03 Rear wheel position

TSB 53-62-04 Vehicle overheats - electrical center problem

TSB 57-65-17A Chuggle/surge - sets DTC32

TSB 63-32-03A New steering wheel available!

TSB 67-61-14B Engine noise at idle

TSB 67-65-19 Fuel runs out with indication still showing on fuel gauge (tank showing not empty)

TSB 67-71-47 4LE60 3/2 downshift issue

TSB 73-62-13A Servicing aluminium cores - heater core/radiator

TSB 77-65-13 Water in air pump - air pump inop. (NOTE - this is the first TSB, NOT the disable bulletin!)

TSB 77-71-59 Automatic transmission oil cooler flushing

TSB 92-348-3 Steering oscillation - 92 Roadmaster only

TSB 94-C-59 Electrical center stud melting down

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